Meet Estelita

You are an awakened smart professional, coach, entrepreneurs, caring mum, great at what you do. You’ve helped and cared for others achieve good health or wealth. You’ve gone a mile in achieving most of your life’s dream goals, yet you’ve been challenged with a chronic and serious health condition that you’ve been forced to slow down, have a break or even stop to focus care on yourself.
You are looking for solutions outside the norm, you understand what optimum wellbeing is about. Your desire is to restore vitality,  regain optimal health so that you can continue doing what you love.

My name is Estelita Dela Cruz Pearce and my greatest gift is my ability to guide, facilitate coach you “how to tap into the innate power of your body-mind to heal from within”. You learn to self assess your health symptoms, daily habits, routines and other areas of life that has caused or contributed to your chronic or serious health condition. I help you find the needle in the haystack to recover from  ill health condition so you can optimise energy and help your body and mind heal from the source of distress. 

I get you, and know what your health struggles would have been like.
Feeling stressed out: low energy, mood swing, overwhelmed and frustrated, fearful and uncertain. You do not want to spend your life maintained by drugs, pills and potions. You just want to be your normal healthy care free, vibrant happy self. Right?.

I too have been through major health challenges. Twenty two years of chronic pain, repetitive syndrome injury,  aggressive ovarian cancer stage 4, and stroke. These struggles could have broken me but instead I broke through. It made me stronger, resilient, and more empowered.  I know in my heart that YOU too can breakthrough, if you choose to. “YOU are powerful healer you are seeking for”.

I was a clinical and Industrial pharmacist, when I suffered with severe pain for 22years.
My body rejected oral pain killers, which resulted in the use of the narcotic pain killer.. Knowing the long term side effects with use of narcotic pain drugs forced me stop it’s use. I put up with the debilitating pain, until I had the courage to step out of the norm that I was trained to believe as the only way.

Chronic pain opened a new path: I became a practitioner of various natural healing modalities in my search for answers that I could not get from Orthodox medicine.  My curiosity about “whole-being,  well-being ” led me to exploring the wisdom of Eastern medicine, the latest studies and scientific research of the western medicine with specific interest in Body Mind Connection, Nature’s medicine, and the practical applications of the Law of Universe in our life.

For over 27 years, I’ve gathered some of the best, simple yet powerful, tools to utilise and help my clients “ tap into their body/mind’s extra ordinary power to heal from within”.

My health struggles were a precious gift. They brought greater awareness about relationship to my innate power within, the role I played unconsciously in my ill health and good health. Most important, I learnt that  “ Everyone, without exception, has extra ordinary power to heal any area of your life from within, provided you know how”.
This is where I partner with you, guide, facilitate, coach and challenge and support you tapp your innate source power within. 

“ You are your guardian, a powerful Healer. Your mind and body is your best teacher” 

No matter how you may have perceived your health and life’s struggles, trusting your inner guidance, synchronistic encounter, and being open to new possibilities can be your best friend, you can rely upon.

I care tremendously about you. I give a lot of myself to my clients for them to achieve the result they desire. I’ve shared with my clients about what I’ve done to recover from my serious illness. Powerful part of you brought you here, because, YOU too can achieve optimum health when you are ready to meet your inner teacher and healer.

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On the personal side  I have Asian accent, so you have to listen carefully so you do not miss what I say. It’s ok, for you can tell me to slow down or repeat what I said. I don’t get offended. I’m friendly and easy going.

I love gardening and tending to my plants. I enjoy walking and swimming in the ocean. It grounds my electrical charges and revitalises my whole being.

On the home front; I love creating healthy meals for my family, friends, as well as meal plans for my clients.  

Do you know that to most Asians entertaining with food is our way of communicating our love and care to our fellow humans. We do have a saying  “mi casa es su casa” meaning “my house is your house”.

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You’ll discover and awaken to healing possibilities you may have not seen before, and get valuable insights into what’s really getting in the way of reversing your challenging health condition. You’ll walk away with a clear understanding of your healing path and what action steps you can take to achieve your optimum vitality and health goals. If it looks like a good match, I’ll be happy to share how I can support you. No pressure. That’s just not my style.

Take care and we’ll talk soon !

Estelita Dela Cruz Pearce
Wellness Counsellor