Balance Way – ” Yin/Yang in Menopause ”

The Human body’s physiology is in a perpetual state of change from balance to unbalance.  A balanced state is defined as Equilibrium from the latin word “aequilībrium” – meaning equipoise, steadiness or stability. This condition is a state of rest or balance due to the equal action of opposing forces. 

In Chinese philosophy balance is attained through the interaction of the YIN/YANG phenomenon. The YIN/Yang are two opposing forces that are complementary, interconected and interdependent in the natural world.

They give rise to each other as they are interrealated to one another. Wellness and Dis-ease will always co-exist with each other. Your role as the carer and guardian of your body is to become consciously aware as to which area of your life is causing the most challenging situation that tips the balance more into a dis-ease state than to a wellness state.

In the chart below are some of the tangible examples to describe the Yin/Yang concept of complementary opposites.

Night Day
Darkness Light
Moon Sun
West (Sunset = Yin) East ( Sunrise = begnning of Yang )
Feminine Musculine
Rest Activity
Shade Brightness
Right Left
Matter Energy
Dense/ More Material Non-material, rarefied

Two states of continuum, they transform into another.

Example: Liquid water (Yin) – heat-vapor (Yang) – Cools – Liquid (Yin) 

 How do we apply the Yin/Yang concept of Balance in Wellness & Di-sease states?

The Human body consists of the Physical body (= matter) and the energy anatomy (= invisible energy Qi, or Chi energy). These 2 components co-exist for the experience of the physical form. Without the energy that gives life to the matter, it is in state of rest, which is death. Energy without the body to contain the personality, can only exist the ether state. Does this make sense to you?

In this particular topic I am just focussing on the most practical application of these concepts that will help you balance and restore, not only hormones but also regulate the body’s functions, mental and emotional health.

You can achieve some form of balance by following nature’s universal law by following nature’s cycles and rhythyms of life.

Just like an unbalanced hormone in menopause, these states are not permanent. It is an ongoing and continual change that with awareness can be effectively managed by following a simple mind shift through a common sense approach.

Here is some very important information for you to reflect upon. Answer the questions as honestly as you can for your own wellbeing. I suggest you may adjust your present habit to that which can serve you best:

1. The Human body is made up of approximately 65% water. Water is the medium for life. Your body is like a river or ocean, water has to flow in and out. Clean water to hydrate, cells, tissue, muscles, joints,every part of the body from head to toes.

– How much pure living water are your drinking every day?
– What is your % ratio of pure water intake to non-pure water such as  tea, coffee, alcohol, soda drinks, bottled fruit juices, soft drinks, cordials,  etc.?

2. The body uses more energy at night while you are asleep, than when you are working during the day. The Body needs to rest at night to cleanse toxins, to restore the energy supply, to repair and rebuild new cells, tissues etc. The best time when you can achieve good sleep is between 9pm – 4am, in accordance to your internal body clock.

– How much rest time to give your body to rebuild and rejuvenate?
– What is the % ratio good sleep to restless sleep?

3. Body Movement (such as walking, jogging, swimming, yoga, stretching, etc.) is an integral part to body/mind balance. Movement allows efficient flow of electrical energy, blood circulation, lymp fluid to every part of your body.

– What physical activities do you do to allow efficient flow and circulation to your whole body?
– What is the % ratio of exercise to no exercise on a daily basis?

4. Nutrition – The quality of food you feed your body with, determines the quality of wellness & dis-ease in proportion to the nature of food you ingest.

Natural fresh, whole food are living food of high vibrational frequency, which will most likely support healthy living cells, tissues, organs etc. & efficient body organ system functions.

Highly refined, packed canned food, tasty food, sweets, sugars, soda’s, caffeine, alcohol, any adulterated food. These are considered dead food, low vibrational frequency. These dead food  fills up the body with bulk  making the digestive system work harder extracting whatever nutrients  and dumping toxic metabolic waste for elimination.

– What % of living high vibrational food do you eat in comparison to dead & low frequency food you consume daily?

5. Meditation – Practice of meditation is the quickest way to BE in State of Balance, Peace, Love & Harmony.

6. Reflection, Appreciation, Gratitude and Blessings to the Gifts of life, counter balance the negative forces of the challenges brought about in every day interaction with Life.

Be informed, Be empowered. Gift YOURSELF with  ” BALANCE INSIGHTS ” into restoring your health, wellbeing & your life in a wellness program called” What Menopause?”

Be Well,

Estelita Pearce
Wellness Educator & Facilitator


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