Healing Food Recipes – Dr. Norman Marvins

Healing Food Recipes, Dr. Norman Marvins presentation of his patient case studies. Dr. Marvin was happy to share real people’s stories he helped utilising what he calls healing food recipes Glyconutrients. Chronic disease such as fibromyalgia, prostrate cancer, ovarian cancer etc. The discovery of Glyconutrients plant based supplements, provided people with the essential eight polysaccharides needed by cells to communicate with each other, restoring physiological functioning of  immune systems and other organ systems in the body.
Dr. Marvins calls this Glyconutrients, Healing Food Recipes’s which helps the body heals itself by providing the essential nutrients for cell to cell communication. By restoring effective cell to cell communication the human body had the ability to heal itself, by sending and receiving information between cells, tissues and organ system that works as whole system. The human body has innate intelligence that knows it’s specific role and functions within whole complex integrated system of information exchange.

Let Food be Thy Medicine and Medicine be Thy Food ~Hippocrates~ Father of Medicine

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