“Meditation is the dissolution of thoughts in Eternal awareness or Pure Consciousness without objectification.
Knowing without thinking, merging finitude into infinity.” ~Voltaire~


What you need to know about Meditation?

Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years, as far back as 1,500BCE by the Buddhist’s in India and the Taoist’s in China. There were multiple levels and states of meditation  in Buddhism in India  which are found in the sutras of the Pāli Canon, which dates to 1st century BCE.

It was in the 20th century when meditation gained popularity in the Western societies. Researchers in the 1960’s and 70’s learned of the multitude of benefits of meditation practices.

Meditation, when practice regularly, helps people achieve physical, mental and emotional balance.
It is used to treat stress, anxiety and depression.
They found that meditation causes deep rest and relaxation which rid’s one of stress and allows the person to have mental clarity.

Meditation is like “coming home”, turning the light on, letting go of your worries and concern.
Soaking and relaxing your whole being in a light bath that has always been connected to your nature of  as light beings.

Meditation cannot be learnt by just reading a book or from someone talking about it.
You must experience with all of your awakened senses, what it’s like to come home to your “I” presence.
Only you know when the connection is made through the light force activated within your physical, mental and emotional bodies of consciousness.

Meditation is a simple activity, yet most difficult to practice, especially for those who have not done so.
It takes discipline dedication and practice before meditation becomes a daily habit.
It is a worthwhile practice that will serve you for life.

 practice will always be different every day.
Allowing meditation to flow with ease while being an observer creates a better outcome.
You can get a satisfying experience of meditation the moment you let go of any expectation.
Energy flows where it is needed most.
By allowing, trusting, being in this innate flow of mind body consciousness that meditation be of  great benefit to your wellbeing.

Meditators use a variety of anchors to focus upon when the mind wanders off. Anchors provide the connection to go back to be presence in the moment. Some of these anchors are the Breathe, Mantras, Yoga Posture, Nature’s sound of sea waves, birds,  etc.

Effortless Meditation  utilise the Breathe,  Sacred Light Aromatherapeutic Mist to activate all your innate senses of awareness toward your sacred light essence. These vibrational anchors restore and recharge connection of the meditator’s conscious awareness to their energetic anatomy. Once activation is initiated, you can then access your own unique mind body anchor for meditation. This allows the natural flow of Chi, Qi energy force within your mind body consciousness  and universal force restoring balance, harmony and inner peace.

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By Estelita DC Pearce

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