What Menopause? Self Awareness Part 1

What Self Awareness?
For 22years, I suffered from dysmenoprrhoea (period pain) with accompaying symptoms as in sensitivity, reactivity, irritation, frustration, constipation, depression. WHY? I had no awareness, self awareness about my physical body’s mental & emotional bodies, nor was I aware of the major role and the power I have in affecting the balance betwen state of my psychology and physiology.

When I finally had enough of this dreadful period pain, I started asking myself questions, seeking answers to my WHY? What? How?. My Why’s lead me to Self Awareness. What and How lead me to Self exploration taking me to path of learning studyong various modalities of Natural wholistic Health, healing such as Homeopathy, Shiatsu therapy, Nutrition, Body Mind Energetics, & how our psychology affects our physiology.

Having the understanding of both orthodox medicine and wholistic Natural ways of healing helped me face and deal with one of my biggest challenge aggressive ovarian cancer. It was a vey humbling experience, becoming self aware that both healing discipline has it’s place when use appropriately and accordingly to one’s unique needs.

I’m sharing this with you not to impress you but to impressed upon you, the importance of self awareness. Knowing and understanding the major role you and I play in helping, supporting our body restore and maintain balance, not just balance hormones but balance of every part of our wholebeing affecting state of mind, body heart & soul. Everything is connected, one small part affects the whole.

Carl Jung said, “Until the Unconscious becomes conscious, it will direct your life and you think it’s fate”

Self Awareness is the key to wholistic health and wholebeing leading to Wellness in all areas of our life.

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What are you aware or not aware of that could be contributing to your menopause symptoms?

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