Hormones – Natural Approach by David Wolfe


There are strategies to help balance hormones, the natural way. though the to apply the natural approach, one must be familiar with the workings of their own body. Unfortunately not many people have the awareness nor the familiarity of how their body work and function most effectively.

Every person have their own lifestyle that they follow everyday. Unfortunately the only time people become aware of their health problems, such as hormonal imbalances are when distressing symptoms, discomfort and diseases takes over their life and they lose control of their bodies.

Hormone imbalance comes into focus specially when women’s menstrual period come into end of it’s life cycle. Menopause is a natural process, a normal transitional phase in women’s life. This phase I believe is the most important time for women to start their Self Care, Self Nurture, and Self Love.

” Let Food be thy medicine, and Medicine be thy Food ” ~Hippocrates~ Father of Medicine

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