Mindset Breakthrough

“Mindset Breakthrough”

” Is Your ability to Breakthrough old habits, attitude and behaviour of thinking, feeling and reacting to people, events that no longer serve the your Highest Self.  Once you learnt to reset and upgrade these mindset, you can live life of being with  your own truth, be at peace and in harmony with who you are and what you are becoming.  Then know that you have broken through the toughest lesson in life” ~Estelita DC Pearce ~

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Do you feel stuck with chronic pain, pain disease, and chronic health conditions such as Chronic Fatigue, Diabetes, Depression, Cancer, auto immune disease, etc. that you cannot seem to move pass them?

How can you break through old Mindset that you may heal your chronic pain diseases, chronic health conditions causing you sufferings in your Body,  Mind, Energy system?

The answers are all within you but the question is how do you  find them?

If I can overcome Chronic Pain, Repetitive Syndrome Injury (RSI), Depression,  and Aggressive Ovarian Cancer stage 4,  you too can have mindset breakthrough to allow the extraordinary power of your mind to HEAL your pain, and chronic health condition. WHY?  Because YOU can, it human’s INNATE nature that knows how to HEAL itself.

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Does your old mindset program running your life on autopilot, where you have no control, causing you physical, mental and emotional pain and sufferings?

Are you willing and ready to “Know Thyself, Know Thy mindset, Breakthrough your old mindset,  that you may Heal Thyself?

If so then allow me to share with you, my pain experience and how I Breakthrough my old mindset to heal my chronic pain. 

Hi Estelita Pearce, Mindset Counsellor and Wholistic Natural Therapy Practitioner for over 22 years.

As Clinical Pharmacist I used to suffer with chronic abdominal pain  treated with narcotic pain relief. I use to have closed mind and could not see other ways other than what I knew then. It took 22 years of chronic pain before I breakthrough my ego of ignorance. This was when I made decision to embark on self care, self responsibility and educating myself with natural ways of healing. This decision change my life forever.

I learnt to question old system that is not working. The band aid of pain relief system which at the time as Pharmacist used to be part of.  The ‘pill for every ill’ though still the predominant belief for relief in our society, had failed. It’s no longer working.  Acute diseases with pain symptoms continue to become chronic, to a much more complex condition that pain becomes a disease in itself.
I believed that there will always be a place for pain relief on acute health conditions but not on complex chronic diseases which demand an individualise assessment and treatment addressing the source of WHY pain diseases manifested.

How many people do you know who cannot live a normal day without pain relief?

How many people you know are taking regular drugs, pills, alcohol, recreations drugs to manage their pains, chronic disease conditions and other life’s daily stress?

Is this you, your loved ones or your friends? Is this where you are trapped too?

I walk the path that  led me to natural wholistic way of healing where there is no way out but within. Understanding the core source of my pain experience paid off. I was guided to the most appropriate natural tools, natural medicine that helped me heal within 6 weeks. The treatment restored balance to the energetic flow in my body mind energy system, resolving the chronic period pain for good. 

My new understanding about my body’s ability to heal help me also recover other health issues as Repetitive Syndrome Injury and Aggressive Ovarian Cancer stage 4. I learnt to work with the my body’s innate wisdom to heal itself.

I ‘m sharing you my story because I’m no different from you. You have power over your pain. You can heal your chronic pain.  Be willing to open your mind and challenge the beliefs system that is unconsciously blocking your vision to see and experience your extra ordinary ability to heal your body mind system. You are a powerful being with a unique pharmacy within you that can manufacture the best medicine specifically design for you.

Balancing your perception of what is good / bad for you, can also led to an upgrade of the old belief system that allow powerful healing to take place. It’s your body’s innate power to do so.  Human beings are much more powerful that we are made to believe.

Are you the courageous one’s ready for a change, ready to take your power back?

The question is where do you start?.

It’s through understanding you as a human being with your unique story of pain, that you too can awaken ‘your power over pain’. Searching for the wisdom within your story will reveal core source to your pain experience. Identifying the source of your pain will help you breakthrough the various healing tools, remedies and solutions for you to choose from that can resolve your chronic pain disease manifested in your body mind energy system.

Could this be for you?

Learning and understanding the healing wisdom that your body mind energy system can be the greatest journey of your life.

I do not know you, nor do I know what your pains and challenges are in life , only you know that. If you found yourself in my website, know that is not an accident. Part of you brought you here.

 Mindset breakthrough involves very deep personal level of inner work. With your active participation and intention to change mindset habits, attitude, behavioural lifestyle etc. you can resolve and heal the source of your pains (be it physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social, family relationship, etc).

Being accountable and responsible to your health and wellbeing is most challenging and humbling experience that can take you to a fulfilling life of purpose, inner peace and harmony.

Let your mindset breakthrough be an adventurous journey to your extra ordinary ability to heal yourself with the power of your mind. ” Change your mindset, Change your Life”

Are you ready for your Mindset Breakthrough?

If so, I’m honoured to facilitate your healing journey to your Body Mind Energy System.

Mindset Breakthrough Coaching

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“Change your mindset, change your life”

“Once your Mindset Changes,
Everything in the Outside will Change Along with it”.
~Steve Maraboli~

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With Gratitude,

Estelita Pearce
Mindset Counsellor, Nutrition Consultant