Nature's way "Yin/Yang Balance"

Nature’s Way Balance through ‘Earthing’

Nature’s Way Balance through ‘Earthing’ The efficient and practical way of maintaining optimum balance is through Nature’s way balance through ‘Earthing’. Everything is Energy, living and non living matter. Our internal and external ecosystem including us, human beings emits energy at varying degrees of vibrational frequency. These vibrational frequencies are very interlink with the frequencies […]

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Women on Dumbell_photostock

BioGenistein Ultra™ & FemRite®

BioGenistein Ultra™ & FemRite® – Women’s Health II Natural Support for Women to help Balance hormones. Listen to Director of Product Development Shane Lefler, and Director of Health Information Brent Vaughan, PhD, RD talk about Women’s Health, showcasing the 4Life female support products like Belle Vie®, RiteStart® Women, BioGenistein Ultra™, and FemRite®. To Learn more and […]

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3 Level of Awareness

What Menopause? Self Awareness Part 2

“The quality of your health and wellbeing is dependent upon the level of self awareness and understanding of your thoughts, feelings, emotions, actions, reactions, behaviour affecting the state of your mind, your body, heart and soul” ~Estelita DC Pearce~ The 3 levels of awareness: 1. Conscious – the quality or state of awareness, being aware […]

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What Menopause? Self Awareness Part 1

What Self Awareness? For 22years, I suffered from dysmenoprrhoea (period pain) with accompaying symptoms as in sensitivity, reactivity, irritation, frustration, constipation, depression. WHY? I had no awareness, self awareness about my physical body’s mental & emotional bodies, nor was I aware of the major role and the power I have in affecting the balance betwen […]

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Self Awareness through Yoga practice

Self Awareness – Key to Healing and Transformation

Carl Jung said “Until the Unconscious becomes Conscious, it will direct your life and you’ll think it’s fate”. What is Self Awareness? Self-awareness is the capacity for introspection and the ability to recognise oneself as an individual separate from the environment and other individuals. Self Awareness is becoming aware of who you are  from the inside out […]

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