Power of Subconscious Mind Power Technique Shocking Program

Our most dominant thoughts and feelings can either heal or destroy our life. Our feelings are the language of our heart and soul which connect us to the essence of life that which is Love.
When we learn to become an observer, and choose to master of our subconscious mind, we can empower our self by taking charge of our thoughts and perceptions which then create the emotional feelings that direct us to react or respond to events or situations that we face in our every day interaction with life.

Whatever I am thinking, whatever I am feeling, whatever I am reacting or responding to, are part of my learnings, evolution, expansion and awakening of my conscious mind for the purpose of attaining my highest purpose and aspiration . All is well in my inner & outer world, I am well, I think, choose to feel harmonious & balance thoughts, I choose to remain connected to wellness zone.

Love & Gratitude

~Estelita DC Pearce~


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