Effortless Meditation

$167.00 $110.00


Meditation Workshop –

Level One
“Open your Senses, Expand your Awareness”

Once a week (75 minutes per session), for 6 weeks

What will you get from your Investment  in the Effortless Meditation Workshop?

Learn Practical applications of how to:

* Transform and Manage your daily stress.
* Become Self aware of your mind-body talk.
* Know your energy signature, access your intuition.
* How to utilise effortless meditation in every day activities.
* Learn simple muscle test to monitor you energetic flow
* Use of simple & powerful anchor in Effortless Meditation
* Restore balance to your physical, mental emotional wellbeing.

What will you take from the workshop? 

* Skills to transform stress to ease and peace
* Ability to rejuvenate the mind body connection
* Practice how to revitalise and energise
* Learn to access the power of your mind
* Helps to activate Natural Healing of the Mind & Body
* Awaken your senses, expand conscious awareness

Who could benefit from the Effortless Meditation Workshop?

* If you have chronic health conditions
* If you suffer from anxiety depression
* If you wish access the power of your mind
* Increase awareness of your body mind connection
* If you wish to maintain balance, peace & harmony
* Desire to be in charge and empowered with your wellbeing
* If you desire to transform your stress, distress to Ease & Peace.

* Desire to transform life challenges, bring peace to any situation.


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