Sacred Light – Aromatherapeutic Mist


Use to inspire harmony between your body, mind and spirit during meditation, travel, healing and spiritual development.

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What is Sacred Light Aromatherapeutic Mist?

It is a combination of 7 essential oils that are formulated to enhance self discovery of mind, body and spirit, which is a necessary for personal transformation to take place. Whether you wish to transform how you feel internally or what you are experiencing externally.

What can it be used for?

Since 2004, Sacred Light Aromatherapeutic Mist has been used as a key support tool for people world wide for all sorts of reasons. Some uses include, to support meditation, clearing and revitalising the work space or home, for healing unsupportive emotions, plane travel, staying in hotels, for pets and many people just spray it around themselves to enliven their energy throughout the day.

How does it work?

The principle of Sacred Light Aromatherapeutic Mist works by supporting the transformation of your emotional state . We are all powerful creators who have consciously or subconsciously generated the realities we are experiencing whether it pleases us or not. Accepting this means we acknowledge that our personal power when directed consciously can create life experiences that are  are only limited by your imagination.


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