Self Awareness – Key to Healing and Transformation

Carl Jung said “Until the Unconscious becomes Conscious, it will direct your life and you’ll think it’s fate”.

What is Self Awareness?

Self-awareness is the capacity for introspection and the ability to recognise oneself as an individual separate from the environment and other individuals. Self Awareness is becoming aware of who you are  from the inside out ( physical, mental, spiritual & divine self ) in relations to other sentient beings, events, circumstances, your unique experiences about the world you interact with.

Introspection comes from Latin ‘introspicere’ meaning, “to look within”.

“Self Awareness” is the KEY necessary for any kind of healing and transformation to occur in life. Self Awareness is the first action step that open doors to self exploration where the wonders & amazement of self discovery, healing, self empowerment & loving presence becomes a daily life fulfilling existence in the world of constant change & transformation”.
~Estelita Pearce~

What has Self Awareness got to do with menopause symptoms?

Everything! When you are aware of what is really going on for you, you can feel in control. You will know without doubt, what is the best way to handle and manage any situations or conditions, be it ill health & discomfort in menopause or something else.

Neurobiologist said that 95% of brain activity is unconscious and 5% is our cognitive conscious capacities to observe. The body’s physiology & psychology are run by the unconscious programming that is running your life 24hours a day.

All of us human weather you are aware of or not, are running on a belief system ” mindset” programming (just like a computer program recorder).

It is the Habits of feeling, thinking, seeing, doing and living life, etc.etc. in ways which is unique to each individual person. We all inherited habits of being and living according to the values pass on to us from past generations to now. We have been influenced by familial, spiritual, cultural ethnic, social, economic, environmental background and other factors.

Awakening to Self Awareness

As a young woman I was shy, timid, kind, caring, subservient to others, and yet can be assertive & bossy when pushed to the edge. I was not aware why I feel so sensitive, reactive, frustrated. On some occasion depression creeps in, when I feel I have no control of my life. I’m have no awareness then, WHY I feel the way I do. My physiology manifested as chronic hormonal imbalance, and excrociating period pain I suffered monthly for 22yrs.

The only relief from the pain was injection of narcotic pain killer demerol that blocked the pain for several hours. When I become a pharmacist and become aware of the long term side effects of the pain killer demerol, I refused the injection of demerol.  I just put up with the pain. From a very young age I was aware of my body’s rejection of any kind of synthetic drugs, pills such as pain killers, antibiotics, etc.

As a pharmacist, I was trained in orthodox way of treatment of diseases. My mindset was close to other ways and means of healing. My mindset belief then was that medical health professionals are in charge and know my body better than I do. This mindset belief program runs my health & wellbeing for 22years, until I finally had suffered enough pain to wake up. Part of me knew that there are other ways of balancing my hormones and healing this dreadful period pain, other than narcotic pain relief.

This experience had been my awakening catalyst to my Self Awareness and Self care. My awakening to Self Awareness gave me the opportunity to change my mind body programming that allow healing and transformation not just in health & wellbeing but also heal other areas of my life. Informed choices and changes took place from within my being. Self awareness took me to a different direction, a path in life that I feel is align to the wisdom of my heart and Soul
Once “Self Awareness” set in my mindset, I made the decision to continue to grow and expand this awareness of self and others.

Utilising and maximising your 5% conscious awareness
can lead to the most important CHANGES necessary in Shifting your health & wellbeing to that which support the life you choose to experience now.

Everyday daily challenges help expand your self awareness in life weather your perception of that experience of people or events as good or bad. How each person perceive people, events, circumstances that you attract to your everyday interaction with life will depend on the level of awareness you have acquired so far, which shape and create the reality of your experiences. ” You attract what you are” The Law of attraction.

How can Self Awareness serve you?

Start counting the many blessings you receive everyday from the time you wake up in the morning to the time you retire to bed. You will be surprise what may come up for you. Start asking questions to the challenges presented to you and watch where that questioning, introspections leads you.

Self Awareness
can be enhance, harness, nurture and expand through learning various discipline & daily practices of:

Breathing Exercises
Yoga, Tai chi, QiGong, Pilates
Reflections & Introspection
Exercise, various forms
Being in communion with Nature
Habits of Appreciation & Gratitude
Eating Fresh Wholesome Food (organic & unrefined)
Living with purpose & service

Author: Estelita Pearce – Natural Therapy Wholistic Practitioner, Wellness Educator, Creator of What Menopause?  




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